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MR House

LOCATION: Sibiu, Romania PROJECT YEAR: 2014 STATUS: …Under Construction AREA: 275 sqm TEAM: Mihai SIMA, Raluca SABĂU Mircea TOMUȘ, Radu NICOARĂ, Nicoleta NICOARĂ This house was conceived for a young couple who desired an interesting interior design for their home, developed in a way to capture the surrounding view of the city from far away. From the very beginning they came with clear ideas about what they wanted which helped us during the design process. The house is located on a terrain with an accentuated slope at the limit of the city, on a little hill with a direct view to the city of Sibiu and the surrounding mountains. The main idea centered around finding the perfect placement of the future house on the given site. So, the entrance of the house is made on a concrete platform which is designed at the same level as the street of access. From the vestibule, the stair takes you either in the living area or at the first floor. This choice was made so we can control and balance the level from the entrance to the main terraces and garden situated in the exterior. The outline of the ground floor seems a little bit undecided but in reality each wall through its windows captures another perspective. So the ground floor is developed around the main big terrace with access from the living area, the kitchen and dining and the main bedroom suite. The terrace is situated as a focal point, landscape oriented. The first floor is smaller than the ground floor and it contains the children bedrooms, a mutual bathroom and a generous terrace with a great view towards the city. int_MR_005 int_MR_20 int_MR_016 MHS Casa MR - 01.plan de incadrare_ro MHS Casa MR - 02.plan subsol_ro MHS Casa MR - 03.plan parter_ro MHS Casa MR - 04.plan etaj_ro MHS Casa MR - 05.sectiune a-a_ro MHS Casa MR - 06.sectiune b-b_ro MHS Casa MR - 07.sectiune c-c_ro MHS Casa MR - 08.fatada est_ro MHS Casa MR - 09.fatada sud_ro MHS Casa MR - 10.fatada vest_ro