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LR House

LOCATION: Sibiu, Romania
STATUS: Completed
AREA: 200 sqm

TEAM: Mihai SIMA, Irina BOTA, Raluca SABĂU
Mircea TOMUȘ, Radu NICOARĂ, Nicoleta NICOARĂ

The house is located in Sibiu, in a new neighborhood for young families. Therefore our clients were a young couple who wanted a small, practical house for them and their future children. The site was actually at a corner of two streets so the house had two dynamic perspectives given the fact that it had to be coupled because these were the conditions imposed by the area. The idea of the house was developed around a composition of simple volumes. The volume of the ground floor was rotated given the angle of the terrain. This rotation helped the developing of the ground floor, so the living area increased and opened up to the garden in the back. The ground floor contains: the living area, the kitchen and the dining, a small bathroom near the entrance and close to the vestibule. The kitchen is generous and has a double opening with connects it to the entrance area and the small intimate terrace situated in the back garden. The stairs were designed as a central element like an object of design which incorporates an interesting idea of storage. Arriving at the first floor, this contains two bedrooms designed for children, a mutual bathroom and the master bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing of its own. The house has also a partial basement designed for storage and other technical spaces.

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