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FA House

LOCATION: Sibiu, Romania
STATUS: …Under Construction
AREA: 340 sqm

TEAM: Mihai SIMA, Raluca SABĂU
Mircea TOMUȘ, Radu NICOARĂ, Nicoleta NICOARĂ

The story of this house is a little bit longer because the project passed through several stages of concept. First, on the site there was another house, an old typical house built around 1960. The house was small of masonry with no aesthetic or functional value. The house had a partial basement, a ground floor and an attic. At first, the clients wanted to keep this house, consolidate and expand it. They wanted us to build a new first floor and restore the roof in a different way and design a roof terrace. The new design had to be modern using the old bricks from the existing house and using those bricks in the design of the new house. The clients insisted in have a basement under the whole ground floor, which would have meant the underpinning the whole house. But considering the structural analysis of the old building this underpinning was too difficult and costly, so the best solution was the demolition of the old house and the construction of a new house as wanted. The house has a generous basement which contains: the cellar, an atelier and technical spaces. The ground floor contains the living area, the kitchen together with the dining, the main bedroom with bathroom and dressing and the first floor contains the two children bedrooms, a mutual bathroom and a small library office. The volume of the house is minimal and simple, two volumes placed one over the other. The two volumes were treated with different textures, accentuating their dynamism. The ground floor volume is like a simple cross bar, partially cladded in brick, bricks restored from the demolished house. The first floor is a simple white and pure volume. This white volume stands in a console over the entrance area. The windows were framed with a dark grey metal casement which has a structural role by supporting the brick and an aesthetic role as well. This casement and the metal was used in many aspects of the whole design, giving the new house a unitary look.



Casa AF - W.01 Site plan_en

Casa AF - W.02 Basement floor plan_en

Casa AF - W.03 Ground floor plan_en

Casa AF - W.04 First floor plan_en

Casa AF - W.05 Section a-a_en

Casa AF - W.06 Section b-b_en

Casa AF - W.07 Section c-c_en

Casa AF - W.08 North-east facade_en

Casa AF - W.09 North-west facade

Casa AF - W.10 South-east facade_en

Casa AF - W.11 South-west facade_en